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Equitable Solutions Consulting Group

Equitable Solutions Consulting Group

Equity Needs Assessment

Helping leaders create and sustain equitable practices.

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Equity Needs Assessment

We coach leadership teams to analyze and evaluate the strategies being implemented within their organization to identify gaps and formulate a plan that will produce an equitable environment for all stakeholders.

The Challenge

Many schools and organizations recognize that employing equitable practices is critical, but they struggle with defining equity and determining what strategies should be implemented in order to ensure equitable practices.

The Solution 

The schools and organizations that we partner with will understand the definition of equity and be equipped to implement strategies that will ensure their practices reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Questions That You Need To Answer

  • What is EQUITY?
  • How are equity and equality different?
  • Does every organization need an equity plan or statement?
  • Who should help you develop your equity plan or statement?
  • What does equity look like and sound like?
  • Are my programs equitable?
  • Are my practices equitable?
  • Are my allocation of resources equitable?
  • Do my people reflect equity and diversity?
  • How do my staff view my equity practices?
  • What strategies should I employ to implement equitable practices?
  • How can an Equity Need Assessment be valuable to my organization?

The Feelings Of Equity

The Hurt


  • Feel overwhelmed with how to visualize and demonstrate equity
  • Think they are already utilizing equitable practices but continue to receive complaints
  • Need to create an Equity Plan or Statement
  • Struggle with defining equity and understanding it's current relevance

The Healing


  • Develop a strong Equity Plan or Statement
  • Become clear on the definition of equity. What it is. What is isn't. What it looks like.
  • Feel more comfortable and confident in their practices
  • Help stakeholder's feel more comfortable and confident in the leadership

LEAD Framework, ™


LAUNCH a needs assessment with a variety of identified stakeholder groups. 


ESTABLISH the underlying challenges and inequitable gaps within the organization. 


ASSESS evidence based strategies with proven results. 


DISCERN an equitable solution to meet the needs of all stakeholder's.

Delivery of Services

Online Survey

The Equity Needs Assessment can be conducted through a secure online survey with various stakeholder group's or the entire organization. 

Virtual Training & Workshops

Virtual focus groups and/or professional development can be provided to assist participants with defining equity, evaluating current equity practices, designing an equity plan, and implementing the Equity Needs Assessment.

In  Person Training & Workshops

In- person focus groups. and/or professional development can be provided to assist participants with defining equity, evaluating current equity practices, designing an plan, and implementing the Equity Needs Assessment.